Systems software engineer, electronic rights enthusiast, and all-round geek. Welcome to my world.


Who am I?

I am a software engineer, and a member of the open source community. I believe software, and by extension computers, should serve a purpose, to improve the lives of those who use it, and benefit from it. I also believe it is my duty to develop my software in such a way as to enable this.

By utilising the skills I acquired during my formative years, during which time I taught myself to code, skills that were later developed formally at university, I believe it is my duty to develop the highest quality software within my capability, and the highest impact software I have access to.


What do I do?

I am a systems developer. This means I primarily work on problems such as operating systems, compilers, network stacks, and so on. I am, however, able to work with a range of technologies, in desktop, web, games, etc. depending on the project.


How to contact me

My email address is [email protected]. If you wish to email me, I would ask if possible for the email to be signed and encrypted. My PGP key fingerprint is `FBD0 378C C687 F429 8863 BFBB B076 9342 0F9B 9E8C`.

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