Redox OS

Redox is a microkernel-based operating system written in Rust. I am currently involved in a lot of ACPI work, specifically developing an AML interpreter for use within the kernel, and to develop a driver for the High Precision Event Timer (HPET), as defined in a document referenced by the ACPI specification.

AML is a bytecode in the ACPI specification, which contains a lot of important details on how the machine runs - it contains certain values needed to power the machine down, for example, and control methods for operating a lot of the machine hardware. This needs to be parsed, and then intercepted, to achieve a lot of important administration tasks, and due to the design of the spec, a recursive descent, multi-pass parser is required, in kernel mode.

Patient Panic

A project completed as part of a team, for a competition while at university. I did the bulk of the programming, though the design itself was not mine. The intention behind the competition, and the design space we were operating in, was to design a game to call attention to blame culture, and to prompt people to think deeper about the assumptions they make.


As part of my university education, I am writing a toy compiler in Haskell, for a toy language based loosely on Rust. Once this has been accepted by the university, to avoid possible claims of plagiarism, I intend to develop this as an open source application, to be compatible with the Rust compiler.


I am currently working on learning Greek, though I am currently only at beginner level. I also have a beginner understanding of Mandarin and Spanish. Overall, I wish to learn, to at least B2 or C1 level, the following: